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I'm a hopeless romantic who finds great joy in creating and capturing connection and beauty wherever I go.

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Welcome to the blog, a highlight journal about our photo sessions, our home wedding venue and gardens, and favorite kid’s clothing. Stay a while and say hello!


Thank you

Thank you for 2016. This was the year I took the leap from working for someone to working for myself. The year photography took the spotlight instead of “side job” title. The year I first shot film – and bought a film camera! The year I got to have my first mentoring session – and with […]


Lauren at 327 Months /// Shelly & Tim at 12

So you know how parents of young children keep a book on their first year of life?  Each month, they note the things that baby is loving and/or hating and/or learning that month.  I think it’s a great way to remember what that time was like. (I saw a meme that said “If my memory was […]


Elisa + Peter /// 4 Things I Wish I’d Known At My Wedding

To be clear, I did follow a few of these.  It’s pretty much just numbers 1 and 2 I maybe should have calmed down on 🙂 Pick three of your favorite ideas from Pinterest and do those.  If you try to do more than that, you’ll end up stressed and won’t be able to execute […]


Let’s Go to the Dunes /// Chelsea + Nico

SAND DUNES.  That’s almost all I have to say. If you’re looking for a unique location for your photos – family photos, wedding photos, engagement photos, maternity photos, whatever! – the sand dunes in Pismo are THE PLACE to go.  Just over a year ago, I shot out there with Tanya from Tenth & Grace […]


The Strangest 6 Months

Six months ago, I pulled on a one-piece bathing suit that only stretched up to my belly button and after a HEARTY laugh, put on a bikini and prayed I wouldn’t see anyone I knew at the pool in Huntington Beach.  Just a few short days later, a nurse was handing me a teeny tiny little baby […]


Lola /// Dear Brand New First Time Mama

As it turns out, if you lack discipline, it’s hard to be a good blogger but regardless, I’ve always enjoyed writing (even college papers!  I do not lie.  Actually really truly loved it.), so my plan is to include a small writing snippet before each photo blog post.  I’ll try to keep it to relevant thoughts. […]


Bring the blog back: Rachel & Byron VanderWeide

Two revelations this week: Someone said (about me): “Oh I didn’t know she did wedding photos.  She doesn’t post very much?” I haven’t blogged in one whole year. I think the two are related.  So – for your viewing pleasure – high school sweethearts, Rachel and Byron VanderWeide! Rachel parents house is GOALS.  Like crazy. […]


All The Things, Feels and Places

I live within a few hours’ drive of incredible beaches, purple mountain majesties, and national parks.  There are incredible views and hikes and campgrounds…and I’ve hardly done ANY of them.  Tragedy of convenience?  It’s almost like the closer you are to anything notable, the more minimal your odds of taking the time out of regular life […]


Coming into your lane

Last week we had a big shop party for Daniel’s 30th birthday.  I like to be totally prepared, so after three days of cleaning, baking, decorating and general prep-ment, I was running between the shop and the house (picture the headless chicken), praying I’d actually have time to do my hair before everyone showed up.  (Can […]


Blogging and the Blacklist: Andrea & Chet

It’s 12:30am and I’m up and working on photos – which is normal.  I think any photographer will tell you that.  But tonight’s different because 1) Daniel is up with me and 2) WE CAN’T STOP WATCHING THE BLACKLIST (I mean Netflix keeps autoplaying the next episode.  What are we supposed to do?).  This show […]

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