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"Callie is simply the greatest photographer of all time! She is so sweet, kind, generous, and gifted! We are so grateful to have worked together!"

Natural light portrait and wedding photographer in California

Hey there, I'm Lauren

Hello! I'm Lauren Westra, a Philadelphia-born, short (although genetically Dutch so I should be tall) blonde, and I love chocolate and Diet Coke almost as much as I hate fish and coffee. My other half is a Chip Gaines doppleganger and his dairy farming career keeps this city girl on her toes!  We have a crazy 4-kids-in-4-years thing going on, and while I often feel like I'm drowning in children, I can't picture it any other way. In our spare time, we are working on our latest small business - a wedding venue we're making at some of the barns on our dairy!

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