August 18, 2016

Elisa + Peter /// 4 Things I Wish I’d Known At My Wedding

To be clear, I did follow a few of these. ¬†It’s pretty much just numbers 1 and 2 I maybe should have calmed down on ūüôā

  1. Pick three of your favorite ideas from Pinterest and do those. ¬†If you try to do more than that, you’ll end up stressed and won’t be able to execute anything 100%. ¬†Cut yourself some slack. ¬†Make those three shine bright and don’t stress the whole pin board.
  2. Let the rest of your wedding details come from YOU. You don’t need to sit for hours to think of those; my guess is they’re right in front of your face if you just look! ¬†Does your family own a giant flatbed semi? Make a grand entrance to your reception with your bridal party on THAT (see picture below). ¬†Is your family super Dutch? ¬†Wear klompen (see photo below)! ¬†Does someone in your bridal party own a motorhome? ¬†Drive that around for pictures, no matter what condition it’s in! ¬†(Again, see below). ¬†Things that make your day YOU is way better than a board full of things everyone’s already seen on Pinterest. ¬†BE THE PINTEREST.
  3. Have a fun bridal party. ¬†Just say no to the “I feel like I have to” bridal party and pick the people you love to have fun with. ¬†Party all day.
  4. Let your emotion get the best of you. ¬†Don’t worry about how you look for the camera. ¬†If you’re happy and you know it, my camera will always show it. ¬†(Weirdly, I forget how the rest of that song goes.)


That’s my two cents for your day. ¬†Elisa and Peter nailed all of the above, and I had a blast (I hate that phrase but I did) shooting this wedding. ¬†So much Dutch and so much fun – check it out! ¬†Congrats on (almost) three months of marriage, Mr. and Mrs. De Jong!



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