January 7, 2021

Framed Legacy Recipes

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I started marriage not cooking.  The kitchen was for heating leftovers – but the more kids we’ve added, the less convenient it’s been to go out to eat.  Corona definitely put an end to that anyway, and as I’ve increased my time spent in the kitchen, I’ve found myself silently thanking the genetics and influence my grandmothers have had on my mom – and now me! – in the kitchen.  They each wrote these recipes out for me when I got married and I love that I get to look at them while I stir, sauté, and brown.  (Nothing smells more like grandma to me than some browning butter!)

The how-to for this one is pretty straight-forward:

  1. Select a recipe.  I chose recipes that felt like each of my grandmothers – and ones written on cards that were quintessentially them, too.
  2. Prepare for printing: Take a photo of each recipe.  For best results, photograph them outside, in shade, preferable on a neutral surface (concrete is great for this).  Use the “edit” option on your phone to brighten the photo just a bit, since photo usually print a touch darker than they appear on your phone.
  3. Now print!  While you can print anywhere, I recommend going for higher quality than Walgreens or Costco – my go to is mpix.com.  Alternatively, and especially if photos and iPhones aren’t your strong suit, you can ask your family photographer to help you with this part!  I’d have no problem with you dropping off a few recipes for me to help you print.  (Note: Total honesty to keep your expectations realistic: I love you, and I love to help, but I’d still charge for this!)
  4. …and frame!  This is the easiest part.  HomeGoods is my go-to for high quality frames at good prices, and is where I found these.


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