May 12, 2015

All The Things, Feels and Places

I live within a few hours’ drive of incredible beaches, purple mountain majesties, and national parks.  There are incredible views and hikes and campgrounds…and I’ve hardly done ANY of them.  Tragedy of convenience?  It’s almost like the closer you are to anything notable, the more minimal your odds of taking the time out of regular life to enjoy it.

Lindsey is my sister-in-law-in-law (because she’s my sister-in-law’s sister-in-law).  She and Hudson actually DO take time to hike these beautiful mountains, so the four of us headed up to hike Moro Rock up in Sequoia National Park for these pictures.

But then there were wildfires in the park so we were turned away at the entrance.

Daniel suggested another mountain valley we had driven to last year – but a locked gate turned us away there too!

We took a few pictures along the drive (including on a real log flume!  That was my favorite ride ever at amusement parks.), but I started to do a little minor freaking out…the sun doesn’t stay up forever!  After some fast driving back down the foothills, we stopped at a location I go to fairly often, and the sun and hill put on a brilliant display.  Lindsey and Hudson ended up with about a zillion pictures and I ended up with one of my favorite shoots.  Ever.


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