August 1, 2016

The Strangest 6 Months

Six months ago, I pulled on a one-piece bathing suit that only stretched up to my belly button and after a HEARTY laugh, put on a bikini and prayed I wouldn’t see anyone I knew at the pool in Huntington Beach.  Just a few short days later, a nurse was handing me a teeny tiny little baby – and 48 hours after that, I sat on my couch ugly crying, quite certain we had ruined our previously awesome life.

Now I feel like I should put on my Huggies pull ups and say I’m a big girl now because our life is so far from ruined.  My life was good before, but there is so much more smiling and laughing with Willemina around. Back when I said I’d never have kids all I could picture was syrupy, drooling, snotting, barfing, dirty children spilling cheerios everywhere but somehow Willemina is still THE BEST, drool, boogers, barf and all.

So I’m using her almost-six-month status to share some of my favorite “big camera” pictures from her life.  And I still hate changing diapers, for the record.

Willemina | 6 months
still loves ceiling fans, doesn’t mind the car seat as long as we’re moving, super ticklish neck and thighs, still can’t get enough of the shower, yells for fun, does an adorable nose scrunch thing when frustrated, so excited to be starting to eat food, still sleeps through the night, loves to be outside, traveled to Seattle, New Jersey, Holland, Germany, Belgium, and Austria, happy happy happy

Willemina-12016-08-08_0002Willemina-18Willemina-24Willemina-30Willemina-46Willemina-62 (1)Willemina-92Willemina-122Willemina-131 (1)Willemina-151Willemina-157Willemina-164Willemina-190Willemina-191Willemina-202Willemina-207Willemina-286May-2Willemina-250Willemina-299Willemina-263Willemina-3023months-13months-8Trip-2Trip-8Trip-27Trip-9Trip-38Europe2016-5Europe2016-42Europe2016-65Europe2016-80Europe2016-166Europe2016-150Europe2016-219Europe2016-213Europe2016-246Europe2016-254Europe2016-328Europe2016-329Europe2016-366Europe2016-405Europe2016-444Europe2016-428Europe2016-456Europe2016-4584months-2June-1July29-12July29-15July29-17July2016-3

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  1. Marie says:

    Very sweet! Thank you for sharing.

  2. MarkayLyon says:

    I have not met you, but knew Daniel and his parents many years ago!!!  Your baby is adorable and Daniel looks just like his dad

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