February 6, 2019

How to plan a mini galentine’s party in 3 days without leaving your couch


My girls (ages 2 and 3) love parties just about as much as I do, but since adding our 7-month-old boy to the mix, I am way less motivated to use my spare time (ha) to plan a really cute party, and much more likely to use it curled up on the couch, with a blanket, watching The Great British Baking Show – so here’s how you can do that AND plan and host a really cute Mini Galentine’s Party.

The only things that would be helpful for you to  already own are some version of a kid table and chairs – but if you don’t have any, don’t let that stop you!  Ask everyone to bring a booster seat and put the kids at an adult table!  If you’re totally extra and plan to build a kid table and buy these pink chairs (Target), you can order them right from your couch too 😉

DO NOT BE SCARED OF THE BALLOON GARLAND.  I was pleasantly surprised to find this only took me 15 minutes and no skill.  You can order balloon garland tape on Amazon.  It’s a strip of clear plastic with holes punched every inch.  You blow up your balloons (second pink color), and thread balloons through the holes in the tape, alternating directions, and BOOM.  Garland.  Do every single hole for a tight garland that will curve a little like mine, or skip a few holes to loosen it and let it stay straighter.

Also this tabletop – Amazon, you win again.  The charger is a plain white paper plate (Amazon), the floral plates are also Amazon, and the rose gold silverware – you guessed it – Amazon.  This table runner was one I already had, and while it did get kid trashed (chocolate milk everywhere), I just soaked it in some Clorox 2 overnight and it washed perfectly clean.

Also I just cannot get behind the rich people in the world that hire florists for kid parties.  That’s a level of over the top even I have a hard time getting behind – no matter how much I love flowers and florists.  I walked through my yard to find something good to clip, and just laid it down the middle of the table, and stuck a few sprigs in the balloon garland as well.  They’re literally just threaded between balloons.  I didn’t do anything to hold them there.  Easy is the name of this game.

I enjoyed partnering with some local favorites for food and activity – but you can decide if you want to do your own food, as each person to bring a food item, or do the same and ask local business to “cater”.  If you don’t want to leave your couch for the food side either, do a grocery pick up from any of your favorite stores.  All you need to recreate this is some yogurt, fruit, milk, and cookies!  If you go the catered route, remember, kids don’t eat a lot, so you don’t need a lot!  Farm Fresh Bowls helped us keep this party from being a sugar fest, and the kids loved the pretty bowls of fruit, yogurt, granola and local honey!

I’m super partial to these “paint-your-own” cookies from Hochy Cookies.  They were both an exciting activity for the kids, and a home run on taste and flavor.  The bags I placed on each chair (below) were a Thirty-One donation, and my girls love to carry them around the house!

The individual chocolate milks are a Rosa Brothers staple, and another home run with kids.  Look for small, individual drinks that kids will see as a treat.  For my kids, they only get drinks that are not in their sippy cup (chocolate milk, Capri Sun, juice boxes, etc.) for special occasions, so it makes things extra “party”.  As do cute paper straws (Amazon).

We went a little extra with a local cotton candy cart, and that was so fun for all of us.  The kids were enamored with the process and the sticky treat at the end!  If hiring a local business as an activity or “attraction” is not in your budget, consider setting up a small coloring activity, with Valentine’s Day inspired art printed directly off Google.  It doesn’t have to be complicated to be fun for a 3 year old.  That might be my favorite fun fact.

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