March 27, 2018

The Day I Looked Insane at SaveMart

I shot my favorite session ever in a grocery store this month.

I’m not even lying.  I’m totally biased because it was my kid I was shooting, but I could. not. stop. laughing.  You guys are welcome to tell me it’s because I’m her mom, but I’m still waiting for SaveMart to reach out and ask if they can use these images in some ad campaign.  Willemina for freaking president.

This super spur-of-the-moment grocery trip was meant ONLY to get ice cream for milkshakes.  And we were only making milkshakes because Daniel won a bet that his old ’72 pickup would start (because it never does).  It was 8:15, so definitely Willemina’s bedtime, but she LOVES going to the grocery store and since it was going to be a quick trip (and Daniel didn’t catch one that I was spelling “grocery store” instead of saying it so she wouldn’t want to come), I obliged.

Daniel had already tried to make up for his yelling-the-words-“GROCERY-STORE” blunder by encouraging Willemina to shop at home with her little mini cart, and I thought ahh haha let’s take the cart!  My spring breaking brother was coming too, so since I had an extra set of hands, I grabbed my big camera and thought, hey this is worth a shot.

I’m still giggling picturing our entry into SaveMart.  When I shop with the kids, I’m focused and FAST.  I know I can get what I need before they melt down so long as those two words are my mantra.  Well hey.  Monkey see, monkey DO.  My brother’s 6-foot-something and could hardly keep up with this girl.  Her long stride, focused strut only needed me to tell her where we were going next, and she was out in front, ready to get shiz DONE.  Girl really didn’t need me.  We need cheese, Willemina.  Cheese?  OoohKAY!  Strut stride strut.  Which one, which one?  OooohKAY! Stride strut stride.

I went back and checked the time stamp: first photo was taken at 8:11.  Last one at 8:31.  20 minutes of crying laughing and praying I even had my camera settings half right so these would turn out.  Also I was sweating after about 6 minutes of shooting.

Peruse at your leisure.  Even if you don’t, I’ll be re-scrolling through these all night so #worthit  Also if you have any super normal life events (like grocery shopping) that your kids love to do with you, consider letting me document it.  I mean I love a beautiful coastal family session, don’t get me wrong, but this makes my mom heart EXPLODE.  Just a thought.

A few bonus photos from this month are included at the bottom.  Ellie, I promise as soon as you walk at a similar rate to Willemina, you’ll get a cart too.

P.S.  We love our dairy products.  You’ll notice cheese, yogurt, milk, and ice cream, all represented here.  I may not be a fluid milk drinker, but you better believe no dairy farmer is going out of business because of me.  #nonutjuice

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