April 13, 2015

The One With The Dress

Putting together a good outfit is getting harder with age.

At least that’s what’s happening to me.  I was fairly confident in my sense of style in high school – because clearly, choosing weather to wear a white or blue monogrammed polo with my grey or plaid pleated skirt was more of a science than art.  (By the way, that was our required uniform, NOT my choice of daily wear.  I just need to be clear there.)

Even college was fairly easy (because after a brief stint of “I want to look put together”, I settled into the way-oversized-mens-soccer-sweatpants-and-t-shirt routine).

But now I’m an adult and I should wear big girl clothes and I do actually want to look put together.  It’s hard to take a marketing professional seriously when they’re wearing plaid skirts or soccer sweats.  I took months (literally) to decide what Daniel and I were going to wear for our engagement pictures because no matter how routinely it must be done, getting dressed is hard.

So let me tell you one secret that Mandy (pictured below) had figured out: if you’re dressing for any sort of photo shoot, long, flowy dresses ROCK.  They catch even the slightest of breeze, the drape onto the ground with a grace I’ve yet to acquire, and they are dramatic.  Dramatic is good in photos.  If you don’t believe me, check out Mandy & Dean (+1)…

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