April 3, 2015

Teepees and Moccasins

When I was in high school, I was quite sure I wasn’t going to get married or have kids.  Getting married was something people did because they felt like they should as a natural “next step” in life – plus I was fairly convinced they were just bored being single.  And kids?  Again – the natural “next step” thing but with a big side of crying, pooping and holding-you-back-ness.

I was convinced I’d never be bored with single life (it takes time to travel the world you know) so – naturally – I’d skip the whole kids thing also.

But then I traveled a bit single and met Daniel and figured out the real reason to get married is so that the best things in life are doubled and the worst are halved.  SIGN ME UP.

And now my friends are having kids and I’m taking pictures of them and I’m starting to see that kids double the amount of best things in life in ways that make the worsts worthwhile.  Don’t sign me up quite yet, but these kids and their mini-moccs and Land of Nod teepees are sure making a sound argument.

Bri & Thomas

Thomas Turns 1-1Thomas Turns 1-8Thomas Turns 1-29Thomas Turns 1-32Thomas Turns 1-45Thomas Turns 1-58Thomas Turns 1-76Thomas Turns 1-82Thomas Turns 1-101Thomas Turns 1-119Thomas Turns 1-120Thomas Turns 1-134Thomas Turns 1-138Thomas Turns 1-152Thomas Turns 1-20Thomas Turns 1-170Thomas Turns 1-178

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