December 13, 2014

My sister is engaged! | Shelly & Tim

In case you’ve never been a photographer that has taken her sister’s engagement photos, let me tell you what it is like:

1. Awesome.  I know her style so I’m pretty sure I can nail what she’s looking for.
2. Normal.  I take photos, it’s just another couple in front of my camera and I’m in the groove.
3. So very chill.  I know her rather well, he kind of HAS to like me (or at least put on a good show) since I’m family, so I’m not even close to uptight.  Dang if I mess these up, they HAVE to forgive me because – you know – family.
4. Um.  WEIRD.  I’d tell them to kiss and then say “OKAY OKAY STOP THAT!”  As in, stop that right now and don’t do that again, because who are you kissing my little kid sister huh?!?  Then I’d remember she is old enough for this and resume with thoughts 1-3.  This whole process repeated for every kissing picture…of which there were many (you’ve got to make the guy like pictures somehow, right?).

Regardless, it was a great stretch for me to practice photographing in light other than complete sunshine.  Shelly, I guess you’re old enough.  You can marry Tim.  Here’s my official big sister permission.  (Not that you need it…because you know.  You’re old enough and stuff.)


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  1. Peter Ryan Amend says:

    Great job, friend!

  2. Mckenzye Anker says:

    Awesome awesome!! love the site it is ahhh-mazing!!

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