January 6, 2015

Quick! Before Christmas is over!

I hate taking down the tree.

Don’t get me wrong – about this time of January, I start feeling like the tree is making my house Not Clean or something but taking it down seems to signify the end of something great, and the start of the dreary wait until summer.  I really shouldn’t complain because I DO live in California, and as CVC’s staff devotions reminded me this morning, the true meaning of Christmas really signifies the start of something much greater than even summer.

Regardless, these very Christmas-y feeling photos needed to go up before you ALL decided your tree is making your house feel unclean so here they are.  Daniel and I enjoyed a good trip to the mountain with Travis and Stephanie and came back with the reminder that that 1) Travisa nd Stephanie are a great time and 2) we have GOT to get in better shape.  Seriously.  All we did was walk …and huff and puff.  Grr post-wedding-happiness.




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